International Tax Solutions

The international tax landscape is in transition with a renewed emphasis on the core principle that all taxpayers should pay their fair share of taxes. This precept has engendered an increasing focus on tax transparency, bilateral and multilateral exchange of information, substance, the elimination of double deductions and stateless income. As these themes in international taxation intensify, businesses and individuals with a cross-border presence must be sensitive to these changes.

Navigating U.S. tax law is challenging. It is complex, lengthy, and subject to ever changing interpretations. Advising clients on cross-border matters involving the United States requires not only an understanding of U.S. tax law, but also as to how that law interacts with the laws of other countries that are relevant to the transaction.

Integrated Offices Allow Collaboration

With fully integrated offices, our attorneys function as a team and collaborate to address and solve cross-border tax problems whether inbound, outbound or controversy matters. Services we offer include:

  • Strategic tax planning for foreign and U.S.-based clients
  • Resolution of international tax controversies involving IRS audits and court proceedings
  • Up-to-date legal guidance on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting and compliance

Frequent and recurring referrals are a testament to the firm's reputation. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing excellent service and are responsive and accessible to clients.

Proper Planning To Maximize Tax Efficiencies

Tax compliance and planning for companies and individuals with activities across multiple countries require the advice of an established and focused international tax law firm. We have offices in Tampa, Florida; Washington, D.C; and Zurich, Switzerland to serve the needs of our clients.